Answering Your Travel Questions, Part 6: Women Who Travel Podcast

LA: I think on that note of flexibility, while we’re all kind of working from home, go back for longer. Don’t just go home, again, everyone has different tolerance levels with their families, so it’s very personal, but maybe it’s go home for three weeks, go home for a month, if you feel like that’s feasible. When are you ever going to have that opportunity again? So I say, grab it.

MC: I would also say, when you’re looking at going home for that long and maybe you aren’t comfortable staying with your family for that long, a lot of Airbnbs, hotels, like Steph said, are offering discounts for longer stays. So you might be able to find relatively cheap accommodations during that time as well, so you might have a little bit of space from your family, if you are staying for a longer amount of time. It’ll also give you a workspace so that you can work there as well.

I am planning to go home for much longer this year than I would have otherwise. Both in an effort to make sure that I have time to quarantine and all of those sorts of things, but also, so that I’m flying less, because like Megan said, that’s four flights in basically a month, when we’re trying to stay home as much as possible right now. So if you can make it a flight there and a flight back for the whole shebang, see what you can do.

Obviously, like Steph said, we’re at the end of our main holidays for the summer, and those are our next major upcoming holidays. So start talking to your manager now about what options you have for taking vacation days or just working remotely so that you’re not trying to get in with everybody else in November who’s like, « Oh shoot, I want to be gone for a month. » As we said, years ago on the podcast, talk to your manager early.

SW: And start talking to your family now, because maybe you’re all thinking the same way about why does it have to be the same five, six weeks that everybody’s traveling in? And maybe there is a preference for early November—or maybe your family celebrates Lunar New Year and therefore there might be interest in getting together around February. So if the key of the holidays, which it certainly is for me, is to see family members that you haven’t seen in a long time. If everybody’s in agreement about moving it to some other time, then there’s really no reason not to.

And can I just say something that I was thinking about earlier today: frankly, I’m already looking forward to a much, much more low key New Year’s Eve than usual. I think it’ll be a really nice break from kind of the big parties and the huge crowds that gather no matter where you are. And I think it’ll just be a really nice, slower, quieter way to close out the year.

LA: I have to say, I think I disagree. I’ve had slow and quiet since March. I just want to go to a big old party.

MS: I made the mistake of doing slow and quiet last year. And I was like, « You know what, I’m not going to do that again ». But oh well, we’ll get our rest.

MC: Well, we would love to hear how you are planning to travel through the end of the year. So please let Lale or I know in our DMs, we’ll share our social media in a second or contact Women Who Travel on Instagram because we’re super curious how everyone’s moving around.

So let us know. Megan, where can people find you on the internet and ask you questions for the advice column if they want to?

MS: Please do, I’m @spurrelly on Instagram. You can find me there whenever. Please send me all of your questions, your thoughts, your genius ideas for the holidays, I want to hear it.

MC: Steph, how about you?

SW: You can find me at @bystephwu.

MC: I’m at @ohheytheremere.

LA: And you can find me @lalehannah and I want to clarify, I will not be attending a big old party at New Year’s. I will be having a slow, quiet one, but I’ll be dreaming of the ones to come.

MC: Just watching Great Gatsby and imagining yourself, imagining yourself there. Be sure to follow Women Who Travel on Instagram. Join our Facebook group, if you would like more advice from amazing women and sign up for our newsletter, which will all be in the show notes, and we’ll talk to you next week.

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