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The best way to explore a country when travelling is to have a car at your disposal. It gives you freedom and more independence for movement and may also work out to be economical if you are planning for a long trip. If you’ve not rented a car before, but are planning shortly to be heading out on your first-ever driving holiday or road trip, then the feelings of apprehension mixed with a little confusion and concern are utterly and completely normal. On the other hand, if you’ve already completed a few road trips before and still paying more on your one-way car rental deals, then you need to employ some tricks to get the best service.

One-way car rental can be stressful. It can be confusing. And it can ultimately end up being much more expensive than expected.

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What is a One-Way Car Rental?

When renting a car for a road trip and getting a better travel experience, generally, there are two types of rentals: one-way and two-way car rentals. When booking a one-way car rental, it means you need to drop off your rented car somewhere other than the area where the car was picked up. As a result, the car can be dropped off & left at the final destination when rented for a one-way trip. Moreover, there are also two methods of one-way car rental:

Domestic: In domestic trips, the car rental fee can be waived owing to partnership with the car rental company has with other suppliers and can either have a car rental fee.

International: The international one-way car rentals almost unanimously have a fee associated with them.

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Given the fact that the car rental company will have to go through the expense & costs of returning their vehicle back to the original location after the completion of a one-way drop-off, it is of no surprise that it is costly and more expensive to travel in this way. Your travel budget could get hit, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of a one-way car rental. And hence, there are some tips & tricks to keep in mind and essential things that needs to be considered.

The Car Rental Market Scenario

According to the Research Dive published report, the global car rental market is projected to experience a robust growth throughout the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. The global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% by the end of 2027. Superior services catering to the customer’s personalized needs is one of the major factors responsible to boost the market growth. Moreover, the product developments and mergers & acquisitions by car rental companies are likely to propel the market growth.

Tips for Getting the Best One-Way Car Rental Deals

It can be difficult to find a good car rental deal. Even so, there are a few tricks and tips that you can apply which can help you to get a good deal every time:

Clearly, this is the first and the best option to find a good deal under any circumstances. This is the first stage in which you should compare the one-way car rental prices and fees for multiple companies. You can find differences while comparing the prices such as some will offer lower prices per mile, some may offer reduced fees, and some will offer specials for the dropping off the vehicle. However, making use of a car rental broker, such as Auto Europe, can streamline this process and help you get car rental comparisons easily and as quickly as possible.

  • Car Rental Discount Codes and Coupons

The use of car rental discount codes and coupons are one of the best ways to save money on rental vehicles. Typically, every company will offer car rental deals at certain times of the year such as festivals or holidays. Check different websites to look for better car rental deals with discount codes and coupons. Also, it never hurts to call & ask if there are any coupons available or specials going on.

  • Choosing Your Vehicle Wisely

It is extremely important to pick your car rental wisely. The size and type of the vehicle will play a vital role in the determination of the base rate for your rented car. In addition, it will also have a large effect on the mileage of the vehicle. Looking for a compact and small vehicle that does not use as much fuel as some of the larger models can help in minimizing expenses. This is a good opportunity to try out a hybrid if you are planning for a long run.

Making use of car rental program points can help you save you a lot of money. If you frequently rent cars, this is going to work best for you in saving money. There are some travel companies that encourage clients to sign-up for credit card programs to start accumulating points.

Avoiding surcharges is another way to save yourself some money. Find a company that does not charge a surcharge to drop off the car at a different location. However, this can be difficult with international travel, but not impossible. Auto Europe is one such car rental company that play a key role here as in some instances, the company works with their car rental suppliers and help in negotiating lower drop-off rates.

Thus, whether you are renting a car for domestic or international traveling, applying the tricks and tips found here will help you to utilize a one-way car rental in a better way without breaking the bank.

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